The Divines Co.
What you all been waiting for (well a lot of you at least lol) my art is on sale! I’m only releasing 2 works at this time, “Divine Kid” and “Smooth Operator”. They are 11x17 inches, nice sizes so save the space and only $30 each. Selling a LIMITED run for each piece, once they’re gone, they’re gone forever! Other works of mine will be announced at randomness in the future so be on the lookout 👀… Appreciate the love.   (at
A woman comes into this cold world already pre-concieved as weak, dependent, a b****, etc. So it amazes me when I see a woman brush that all off, everyday, and live her life rebellious and unfazed. That’s Divine..
Never in my life have I seen a rainbow split up it’s colors in war, we admire them because they stick together and display something beautiful… What’s our excuse?
Never settle, because greatness isn’t perfect…
Be divine…
Wise words
Save a space on ya wall, Art prints coming soon!…
King me